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August Challenge: Time Travel Trial!

Event loopt tot Aug 24


[insert time period] Called! They want you back! Are you especially inspired by a certain period in history, or do you prefer to fantasize about the future? You’re free to choose your medium for this challenge, be it makeup (maybe even a tutorial!), modelling, a painting, anything goes! As long as there's a clear link to an era in history, or your vision of the future.
Entries can be uploaded until 11:59 PM (midnight) CET 23th of August. Finalists will be contacted on August 24th.

By entering, you can win:
♥ €100 shopping credits!

Attitude goes virtual!
Each month, we have a livestream with the finalists of the challenge, and decide the winner there! Will we invite you next?
SAVE THE DATE: August’s livestream will be held on August 31st at 8:00 PM CET.

For a chance to be crowned Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative 2022, also participate in this event!

Winners of past challenges:
♥ April's winner: Eric van Lempens
♥ May's winner: Evelien
♥ June's Winner: Evelien
♥ July's Winner: Bibbels
♥ August's Winner: Oazovolan

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