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  • Hi there, candidate! Welcome to the Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative competition! Are you ready for some questions? :)
  • What is something you definitely want to do in your life (what’s on your bucket list)?
    Open my own entertainment agency
  • What are the things you’re most proud of?
    My work as an artist
  • What experiences improved your self-confidence?
    Moving abroad and leaving my family and friends
  • What would you do differently if you knew no one would judge you?
  • Would you rather know how you will die or when you will die?
  • You’re standing on an active volcano. Out of the volcano, a lava monster emerges and starts spitting fire at you. Behind you, a bear with laser eyes is running towards you. And above you, a giant eagle tries to kill you to feed you to their babies. You have the following items at your disposal: a screwdriver, your grandma’s apple pie, a piece of licorice lace, and a cuckoo clock. How are you going to save yourself?
    I would ditch the fire spit with my dance moves and just get as far as I could from all that madness you just described... once away I would eat my pie, throw away the licorice that I hate and set the cuckoo clock to wake me up after my afternoon nap ;)
  • March’s challenge (closed): what element did you choose, and why? How does your creation represent your element?
  • April's challenge (closed): what music did you choose/make? How does this help you through the pandemic?
    The music is Decode from the band paramore... is more abou how I feel in the world right now, when the lyrics go - how do we get here? - it’s exactly my feelings every fricking day during this mad times
  • May's challenge (closed): what wearable item did you make? Why is this your dream item?
    I made my cosplay from Anne wheeler - The greatest showman. I am a dancer and acrobat as this character is in the movie, so it’s been a long time I really want to do her cosplay. I couldn’t find the right material because it’s hard since stores were closed and I still don’t know Dutch language that much when online shopping, so I bought a party costume from this character (here on the store btw) and it wasn’t looking so much alike the original costume from the movie so I did my best to craft my way and do it as perfect as it looks in the movie!
    i added a video with the making off process of this piece! hope you guys like it! <3
    (I also make myself all my dance costumes since they are very specific from my Latin dance style and you usually can’t find anything like that, so here is a portfolio of my dance costumes as well - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18o647hcU2m8McGhcSG_ay1tT9n17nz8_
    Hope you guys like it )
  • June's challenge (closed): what delicious food/drink have you made and why did you choose this? (or: does this food/drink mean something to you?)
    i am a very bad cooker, so its why i passed on this one XD
  • July's challenge (closed): What does your summer outfit represent about you?
  • August's challenge (closed): Why should someone follow your tutorial?
    I love to dye my hair in so many different colors and quite frequently so I really think I have a great knowledge in the subject and also have done some awesome innovative looks... and if this isn't enough of a reason to follow my tutorial I must say that I am funny and weird in a way that makes people like to watch my videos hehe!
  • September's challenge (closed): What place did you show, and why did you choose this place?
  • October's challenge: What/who are you dressed as, ánd why should you be Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative 2021?
  • Leave your instagram name here, if you like :)

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Hi Evey, thank you for participating in August's challenge! It's now time for September's challenge: "Welcome To My Crib"! We hope to see your entry for this one too!
Your entry can be uploaded until 21 September.
Yayyy love to see that you are competing again! Love the cosplay as well ??
Love your new video about your cosplay! Hope to see you in the finale this month too! Good luck sis ??
Love everything about it! Nice style, great voice, beautiful smile! Hope you win girl!!!!
Love the style and the music sounds perfect!
Followed her on social media also and OMG! I’m so in love

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