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Inzending van Luna

  • Hi there, candidate! Welcome to the Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative competition! Are you ready for some questions? :)
    Hit me!
  • What is something you definitely want to do in your life (what’s on your bucket list)?
    Travel through Greece
  • What are the things you’re most proud of?
    My cakes ofcourse,
    The creativity,
    My two children,
    Losing 25 kilo's last year
  • What experiences improved your self-confidence?
    Being able to wear favorite clothes
    Modeling for the camera
    Trying to better myself in the freestroke every other day ?? and training for triathlon
  • What would you do differently if you knew no one would judge you?
    I would be overdressed over the top dead sexy everyday :-D
    Dress like a mermaid in a swimming pool
  • Would you rather know how you will die or when you will die?
    When. So i could enjoy till the last second and do all the things I wouldn't be afraid of anymore (like bungee jumpingor scuba diving) and cherish every memories till the last second with my loved ones
  • You’re standing on an active volcano. Out of the volcano, a lava monster emerges and starts spitting fire at you. Behind you, a bear with laser eyes is running towards you. And above you, a giant eagle tries to kill you to feed you to their babies. You have the following items at your disposal: a screwdriver, your grandma’s apple pie, a piece of licorice lace, and a cuckoo clock. How are you going to save yourself?
    I would hand the apple pie to the lavamonster, he would enjoy something baked since my grandmother used strohrum 80% in an idiotic amount fornbapple pie (relatives have known to display excellent weirdness after eating a single slice) he will get dead drunk and surely pass out. With the licorise I tape the eyes from the bear shut, "blinded temporarily she suffer the whims of her God patiently, till her will is submerged and she learns to serve, as Your God thought and blinded you with crosses." (Quote Prospero). I set the and from the cuckoo's clock at twelve, and gasten the pin so it sticks at 12 and the eagle is mighty scared and thoroughly annoyed by the loud little mechanical bird that just keeps hooting it's little beak at her. So I just gather some feathers that fell and stick m in my ears and enjoy the silent walk and spectacle.
  • March’s challenge (closed): what element did you choose, and why? How does your creation represent your element?
  • April's challenge (closed): what music did you choose/make? How does this help you through the pandemic?
  • May's challenge (closed): what wearable item did you make? Why is this your dream item?
  • June's challenge (closed): what delicious food/drink have you made and why did you choose this? (or: does this food/drink mean something to you?)
    I bake and sculpt cake for a hobby. I made Morsmordre from Harry Potter because I loved how the sign looked in the film and how briljant the idea of such a communication form.
    (I am not team Slytherin, but I can appreciate)
    Sapphire dragon Sapphire from the Eragon novels, as I see her when reading. Her wings are made from gelatine to let trough the light
    The multitier wedding cake: I made it lovely classy gothic with fondant roses and white chocolate skulls. It is filled with biscuit cake and absinth merengue cream. Gothic outside and inside. I made it for our own weddinganniversaire.
  • July's challenge (closed): What does your summer outfit represent about you?
  • August's challenge (closed): Why should someone follow your tutorial?
  • September's challenge (closed): What place did you show, and why did you choose this place?
  • October's challenge: What/who are you dressed as, ánd why should you be Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative 2021?
  • Leave your instagram name here, if you like :)

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Hi Luna, thank you for participating in Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative! It's now time for September's challenge: "Welcome To My Crib"! We hope to see your entry for this one too!
Your entry can be uploaded until 21 September.
Hi Luna, congratulations again on winning June's challenge! It's now time for July's challenge: "Summer Outfits"! We hope to see your entry for this one too!
Your entry can be uploaded until 20 July.
My autocorrect does strange things, but I wanted to thank You!
Oh wow!!! I would love one of your amazing cakes so much, they look so beautiful!
Thank You so much ??

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