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Inzending van Rose

  • Thank you for showing your tattoo! Is this a tattoo you have, or a tattoo you want?
    This Clavicula is on my leg.
  • What does this tattoo mean/represent to you?
    It represents a key to the astral realm. It's the Clavicula Nox, a symbol from Dragon Rouge. It carries a special meaning to me. It took me a while to find my freedom and strength.
  • Who is the artist behind this? Do they have a website/social media?
    I designed it, and tattood it on my own leg 2 years ago. It was my first tattoo. I don't work for a shop, but I try tattooing people for free who had some type of trauma.
  • Should Attitude start selling temporary tattoos?
    Maybe, yes. But it would me nice if we could send in suggestions!

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