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  • Thank you for choosing to share with us. What is your tip for improving your mental health?
    I have had a depression 2 times. Now I'm currently struggling with a burn out. The thing that helped me most was to just make a daily planner, it kept me motivated to do stuff. I have a creative thing a day ( my hobby), a thing to do as household chores, 1 thing a day because else your head will be stressed about the other things. A moment to be outside 30 minutes a day. And a moment to rest/sleep when necessary. ( 1 hour and 30 minutes max). It helped for me. And I hope it will work for others too.
  • What has your tip done for you?
    My tip has kept me motivated instead of doing nothing, thinking of bad things. Instead of that be busy and think of things you like to do or liked to do and maybe try to work on it again. It's hard at first but the longer you'll be busy with your daily planner the more easier it gets.
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