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Giveaways > Cook & Win A Geeky Waffle Iron!

  • Mmm...what yummy dish have you created, and what movie/show/game/etc inspired it?
    Modular Xmas cookies!!!
    You can build your own cookie, a xmas tree, a snowman, a reindeer or a sleigh, a kind of "Lego" cookies to assemble :)
  • Which Uncanny Brands waffle iron would you like to win?
    I'd love the Pokeball one...childhood memories!!!
  • What other cookware would you like to see with Attitude?
    I would love to find a cauldron shaped pot that can be really used for cooking, that would be so cool
  • Have you posted a topic or commented on something in the Alternative Community Square? Please put the link here. This improves your winning chances :)
  • Your instagram name (so we can tag you if we share your creation)?
May 11, 2022   22:13   (edited)
Please create an Attitude Account first. Then you'll be able to vote and leave comments :)

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