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Ms/Mr/Mx Alternative > May's Challenge: DIY Fashion!

  • Who or what inspired you in this creation?
    The fairytale of 'The kings clothes'! He wants the best and most expensive fabric for his outfit but his advisors dont know what more they can give them so decide to make a non existing outfit for him and persuade the King to wear it. Only when he is out in public and nobody dares to say he's naked a little Child starts to laugh and shout 'he is naked' and then everbody laughs. And well, I just love to show myself ?? ps i did not make the lingerie, only the see trough top and skirt
  • What's something you miss in most existing fashion?
    Courage to make and wear totally different fashion
  • Are you available on May 25th, 20:00 CET to join the livestream?
    I'm at work but may find the time!
May 13, 2022   23:38   (edited)
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