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  • Thank you for showing your tattoo! Is this a tattoo you have, or a tattoo you want?
    I have this tattoo
  • What does this tattoo mean/represent to you?
    I've been diagnosed with an genetic disorder a few years ago it called brca1-gen it means that I had 60 till 85 procent change to get breastcancer and/or ovariancancer so I needed to amputate both breasts and reconstruct them I had no choice to think about if I would do a surgery or not because if I didn't do that surgery I've had to ask myself the question when do I get cancer and not if I get cancer so I needed a reminder for myself that in the end I will always be a beautiful woman no matter what if you take a good look you'll see the female icon on the o of who.
  • Who is the artist behind this? Do they have a website/social media?
  • Should Attitude start selling temporary tattoos?
    Yeah I like the idea for sure!!
May 14, 2022   00:51   (edited)
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Hi Lagata, congratulations, you have won this giveaway! Unfortunately, we could not reach you by email, so please send us an email at marketing@attitudeholland.nl!
Thank you for sharing this story with us, Lagata 🤍 and awesome tattoo to remind yourself that you're beautiful just the way you are 🤍