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Ms/Mr/Mx Alternative > The Fearsome Final + October's Challenge: Halloween Costumes

  • Tell us something about your costume!
    My costume is a Goth Queen costume. Years ago I used to do my makeup like this a lot, and always dreamed of having a worthy outfit to match. I wore part of this outfit to Elfia last month. I got the corset from attitude holland, same for the choker I’m wearing. The skirt and bra I made by hand, the headpieces as well.
  • Why do you deserve to be Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative 2022?
    I would love to shed light on alternative people with disabilities, visible or not. I myself have a neurological condition that made me feel very misunderstood and lonely, but i found my confidence back in the alternative community. I started truly dressing how i wanted, and met people with the same interests as me. I want to be able to give others that same feeling.
  • Are you available on October 26th, 20:00 CET to join the livestream?
    Yes I am
October 18, 2022   15:20   (edited)
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Your makeup is IMMACULATE! WOW! So prettyyyyy