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Ms/Mr/Mx Alternative > The Fearsome Final + October's Challenge: Halloween Costumes

  • Tell us something about your costume!
    For this year, I decided to dress like Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance. Frank Iero is a big inspiration for me, and he is a little bit of reason why I started to play the electric guitar! He is pretty wellknown about his passion for horror. He once came up with a short horrorfilm 'The Deliveryman' and in one of his videoclips '.Weighted.'... Oh well, you gotta see it yourself! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX1BRd6V6JY)

    Anyway, during 2004 - 2005, the band had their typical 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge style. They often wore this MCR 'Ring of Fire' armband and I recently got hold of one of those from tour in 2005. It feels more complete and I really like the vibe I get off this look. I didn't have a red tie so I had to be creative and create one myself using fake bloodied bandage - and I think it turned out pretty devilish cute! To be honest, I'd love to wear this once again and I could definitely wear this at school. I could dye my hair bright red, that will fit this look really well. So, there might be a chance Danger Days would be the next step! :)

    Lastly, I didn't only choose this for Halloween because of the amazing look, but it's also Frank his birthday on the day of Halloween! Double celabration!
  • Why do you deserve to be Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative 2022?
    I mean, wouldn't this title be a honor to have?...
    I've been struggling a lot to find myself the right label. But to be honest, I don't think there is a right way to describe myself. I'm just me. I like extreme make-up, I like the weirdest outfits, I could wear any neon hair color I can find. And why would anyone care about it? As long as we can just express ourselves, anything is possible.

    We won't change for another.
  • Are you available on October 26th, 20:00 CET to join the livestream?
    Yes, that will do. I'll write it down in my agenda!
October 18, 2022   22:17   (edited)
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