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Face of Attitude > May Challenge

  • What do you currently do with your empty pot? (it’s ok if you throw it away, we want to know this too!)
    I use it to store my conditioner mixed with a few drops of attitude hairdye to keep my color fresh when washing my hair
  • Share your suggestions for what you could do with a used pot.
    You can store a mix of conditioner and hairdye or you can use it to store a DIY hair mask or even a home-made face mask!
  • What is the craziest idea you can think of to do with old packaging? (anything is possible!)
    I used to be an art student so I often used old packaging for my artworks, you can also just use a lot of materials as a canvas to draw or paint on!
  • Do you want to participate in the livestreamed discussion at the Attitude Studio?
    It kinda depends on when and where
May 24, 2023   16:26   (edited)
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