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  • What do you currently do with your empty pot? (it’s ok if you throw it away, we want to know this too!)
    I use them for crafting supplies. (I always need more storage space ;))
  • Share your suggestions for what you could do with a used pot.
    For attitude hair dye pots
    You can collage it like I did or paint it. You can use them as draws if you make a little rack for them.
    They can store beads, paint or ribbon/rope
  • What is the craziest idea you can think of to do with old packaging? (anything is possible!)
    You can just old packaging as a base to create vases, turn them into tealight holders (just for cans)
    You can melt little holes plastic seetrough bottles with a soldering iron greeting unlike bowl or just something artful. Glas jars are great for homemade candles. It really depends on the type of packaging you start with.
  • Do you want to participate in the livestreamed discussion at the Attitude Studio?
    Yes, sounds like fun
May 30, 2023   21:18   (edited)
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