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  • What are some sustainable choices you already make?
    Every time I buy groceries, alongside my backpack, I also bring 1-2 extra tote bags so I don't have to potentially get an extra plastic bag. In case I do get a plastic bag, I collect them so that I can reuse them, whether for shopping and buying something, as a trash bag, or maybe to store clothes and items I'll need when I (or my partner perhaps) sleeps over at a friend's place. I keep old clothes so I can reuse the material to patch up any holes in pants I have. I also throw boxes in the carton containers, glass bottles in their respective ones, and other trash in their respective ones as well. I also make sure to collect batteries to throw in the right place in the supermarket. Otherwise, I like to collect glass jars especially to use as containers, mostly for spices, though I've also used them as plant pots and currently one is holding all of my chopsticks. I also always carry a metal water bottle with me everywhere I go so it's quite uncommon for me to buy a plastic one, and when that does happen, I do reuse the plastic bottle for as long as I deem reasonable. When I dye my hair or paint otherwise, I use papers from magazines that might come in the mail to protect the table/floor.
  • What are some sustainable choices you’d like to make? What’s holding you back?
    The biggest one I'd like to be able to do is being able to tailor and create my own clothes, for example, if a clothing piece is now too large, rather than buying a new one or getting another person to tailor it for me, I'd like to be able to do it myself. What holds me back is I don't have a sewing machine nor enough skill in sewing to confidently do that; furthermore, I simply do not have the time nor money to invest in a sewing machine and learn how to use one currently, and my apartment doesn't have the space for it either. So when I get something tailored to be smaller or shorter, so far this has only happened when I visit my parents, since they have a tailor amongst their employees.
  • What’s your instagram? So we can tag you when you win!
  • If you win you will be invited for a hair makeover. Please describe your hair colour history this year, and how it is currently.
    So most of my hair is unbleached and at most has very small remnants of permanent black box dye (though that's towards the tips if at all). The only bleached and dyed parts are the green sections of my hair. The current hair dye in them is Attitude Hair Dye's Jealous green and I bleach my hair using the strongest bleach from Kruidvat. This year, the bleach part has been the same (bleached it maybe 3 times this year so far), though the previous green dyes I used were ones by Directions. The last time I dyed my hair was end of May.
July 20, 2023   17:49   (edited)
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