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  • What are some sustainable choices you already make?
    I am a vegetarian. I recycle. I use public transport or walk as much as I can. I use vegan products. I thrift almost all of my clothes.
  • What are some sustainable choices you’d like to make? What’s holding you back?
    Id love to be able to buy household items that you mix with water yourself to use aka eco friendly refillable cleaning products. There is currently very limited to no options to do that where I live.
  • What’s your instagram? So we can tag you when you win!
  • If you win you will be invited for a hair makeover. Please describe your hair colour history this year, and how it is currently.
    Ive been growing my hair out and just dyeing the already colored parts loads of different warm colors-pink,purple,red,yellow. Recently Ive cut most of the colored parts off and have a natural mullet with a patch underneath my bangs that is dyed red
July 21, 2023   04:58   (edited)
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