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  • What is your favorite thing about nature?
    mother nature is a special being that we have no control over and yet it gives us so much more, beautiful flowers, new animals that we know so little about or even creatures that we don't even know about yet. mother nature is full of surprises.
  • How do you think we can best protect and save our environment?
    first of all start with cleaning up our waste and don't throw anything into nature, recycle our waste and reuse it. for example, we can continue to reuse plastic pots and even if it breaks we can use it as craft material. be kind to the things around you like to the animals, are you not hungry anymore? and you still have a sandwich left? donate it to the animals in need.
  • What’s your instagram?
  • If you win you will be invited for a hair makeover. Please describe your hair colour history, how it is currently, and what you’d like from the hair makeover.
    first of all I can't come by for my hair because the location is too far for me and I don't have a driver's license.

    my hair is orange now and I tried to get a flame effect through your hair coloring, but in the meantime it has been washed out. I would have liked to leave the outgrowth orange and my lengths more yellow but more pastel yellow.
September 4, 2023   13:41   (edited)
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