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Attitude Reflection 2020

In the beginning there was hope, then came the worry - Corona - what is that and how will it affect us?
We stick together and see how it will all go, of course there will be bumps on the way, that is life in general.
Acceptance is important. Do not hold on to old values and standards, there is only one constant in life and that is change, move like water. So by being Attitude, be like water and see where it will take us.
In the beginning of the year Attitude took some hits and uppercuts, ouch! What to do?
Lets innovate, let's look for new ways, let's make Attitude better.
The seed of innovation, change and progress was planted. It soon sprouted out into something beautiful, the first sprout was “Attitude Hair Dye”.

#DyeWithAttitude gave us the most beautiful colours connected with Attitude names/feelings, which are a perfect reflection on the Attitudes we all experienced in 2020:
Moody, Jealous, Dramatic, Rage, Proud, Rebel, Brave, Playful, Ecstatic, Daring and in the end there was: Sensitive, Free, Loved.

It sums up 2020 in a perfect way.

The future: You will find #DyeWithAttitude on festivals, events, pop-up shops and online. We reach out to all of you to connect and make 2021 a colourful Free, Proud and Loved year.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

Everybody @AttitudeHolland loves you!
Rob & Rebecca van Berkel

Attitude continues by accepting whatever the situation is.
Patience is key in times like these!
For now let's help each other, love one another and stay positive.

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