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Attitude: Our Story

Attitude is: A manner of thinking, feeling or behaving, a manner of living. Attitude is being yourself as goth, emo, punk, rockabilly, pin-up, hippie, “just you” or a mash up. A place where you can feel home, drink tea, eat vegan salads or stuff yourself on beer and pizza, fully express yourself and be loved anyway, be around the best people, who won’t think twice about helping others. Attitude is supersexy and a hopeless romantic,death metal lovers singing electro pop songs in the shower, extraverts and introverts, rainbow coloured hair but all black clothing, studs, spikes and swingy skirts and the best kind of chaos, balanced by a peaceful calm. Walks in the forest at midnight and picknicks at a summer afternoon, with some cats, dogs, bats and unicorns. Attitude is like the moon, forever changing but always by your side, connected and together but unique. And last but not least, Attitude Holland is supplying the alternative scene since 1999.

But most of all attitude is what makes us us, and we are what makes Attitude holland... We are attitude.

Meet the Attitude team

Attitude Holland 25 years "The Story"

The birth of Attitude Holland. 2 people who love each other very much decide to manifest something they love :-) Rob en Rebecca van Berkel

Passion and love for company, but no orders. What are we doing wrong?

If you do something, you have to go for it, believe it with your whole being. We decide to give the seed Attitude Holland unconditional love and attention. Fulltime focus, risks and fun. Lets see of the seed grows better now...

We arrange a printrun of 110.000 catalogues, it almost brings us bankrupcy. However customers love the catalogue and start ordering more. We can just about pay our bills, also because of a in heritance which had a perfect timing.

A real office and our first employee. His name is Kees. It looks like we are becoming a real company. Rob and Rebecca enjoy this fully, and also our customers seem to enjoy Attitude more and more. They come from all parts of the Netherlands to Edam to help with packing orders, photoshoots and join us at festivals. We don't make a lot of money, but hey its fun! Rob and Rebecca becoming papa and mama. Holly is born!

More and more orders are coming in. You can find us on a lot of festivals this year. The alternative scene is starting to embrace Attitude Holland, what a fantastic feeling.

The Edam Cheese warehouse (our 1st office) is getting to small. We go to the bank, and a morgage is no problem luckily. We decide and move quickly forward and buy our first own office/warehouse. However this property has no fascilities, we need to build everything ourselves (gas, water, elektricity, warehouse racks, office rooms, kitchen etc). Thanks to a brilliant family and group of friends, we manage to have everything up and running within 3 weeks. The main driving force behind the building work is my Godfather Arie Janssen, he pretty much does everything himself. For 3 weeks he lived in this office, and from dusk till dawn he worked. We will be gratefull forever, without others nobody can go very far.

In this busy year we also bring another family member into this beautyfull world, it is another girl and she is named Lucy van Berkel. We love you Lucy!

Generally speaking, Attitude Holland has mainly female employees, but this year is different. The trainnees, logistics and customer care is all done by males. With this team full of males we decide to goto Pinkpop and have a Attitude stand over there. It was a party, it was fun we never forget Attitude on Pinkpop.

Website is relaunched. More staff is taken on. Lots of projects at the same time, sometimes it hurts. At home we also have some problems. But Attitude is good, our Attitude is good as well, we learn from difficult situations. It is a lesson where we are gratefull for, life is talking to us.

We keep on growing, Attitude Holland is becoming a supermarkt for the alternative scene. We have so much to offer, for so many beautyfull authentic alternative customers, with each their own opinion. It is a blessing to serve this community. Thank you for letting us be here as Attitude Holland

Biggest growth spurt ever this year, gosh, where do all those people suddenly come from? Very nice. We also organize Attitude Hollands Next Top Model, this day is a mega success. Too many beautiful people in too small an office building. Very nice, the Attitude Holland family is growing steadily.

After living in our own purchased and renovated Attitude Honk for 5 years, we have to move again. This time we found a building that is so large that we can really grow considerably and organize fun parties. We proudly present the following layout: beautiful large warehouse - cozy large canteen/living room - 3 large office spaces - 1 photo studio - 1 quiet room and more. As always at Attitude, the move goes smoothly and organized, on Friday we start the move and on Sunday we are finished at 1:00 PM (really complete madness, how we did this) We celebrate this move with everyone, what a wonderful party. The world will hear even more from Attitude Holland, we're sure!

The year of brand awareness and high-profile events. Attitude Holland brings “The Deadest Top Model”. This so-called grisly photo shoot is being covered en masse in the press, making us front page news in various newspapers, but radio and TV also want to know more about Attitude Holland. We decided to convert this attention into a fun event called AttitudeFest, this is also a highlight in Attitude Holland history. During this party it was decided to rent the Melkweg in Amsterdam for a legendary Halloween party.

2011 we love you forever!

“F... the crisis” doesn't even do us any good at Attitude Holland. All that hassle about money and stuff, well, you have to make choices in life every now and then, that's part of it. Sometimes you have a lot, sometimes you have little, but the quality of life and the fun you can experience on your trip (called Life) goes further than a few euros. Attitude is a lifestyle that will always last & we are loving it :)

Change is a constant at Attitude, so this year too. But always moving forward, in close collaboration with our programmers, the beating heart of Attitude, the site www.attitudeholland.nl, has been renewed. This is never finished and we will always continue to work on it, customer feedback is heard. A big compliment and thank you to our programmers Alex and Ike is in order. Also www.missalternative.nl live, what a beautiful modeling competition with an even more beautiful final. We will certainly continue this in 2014!

A year to never forget. With a wonderful festival season behind us and the highlight being the Miss Alternative festival. But the open day on Sunday, November 30 with FREE HAIR DYEING was also great. This showed once again that we really have the nicest customers. It was just a warm bath for everyone. Attitude whatever you are, it's great. What a wonderful year.

Beautiful people come and go, also at Attitude Holland. It seems that Attitude mainly comes to beautiful people, because no one really leaves here. We always stay in touch with people and that is wonderful. The team is at its best, customers are now suddenly coming to us from abroad in larger numbers. Wonderful that development. Attitude is truly privileged with its special customers and top colleagues. You are all really great, without you there is simply no Attitude. A deep bow to everyone who makes us shine, thank you all!

The site has had a redesign, making us ready for 2016. We call recycling Bioneutral, this is very important for us in 2016.

We are already working very enthusiastically on this, but you will hear more about this. We currently raid all Volendam stores every 2 weeks in search of empty shoe boxes or other perfect packaging material that almost ends up in the trash. With special thanks to Piet Koning, father of Kees, our first staff member. We have already made a video about it.

Compassion, creativity, passion, love and commitment are values that we hold dear. Let's judge each other less, because everyone is really good and beautiful just the way they are. Whether you have blue, yellow, green or no hair, whether you are covered or naked. Attitude loves you all.

2016 was a very good year for Attitude. With one of the highlights being AttitudeFest in de Atak te Enschede

Please come to AttitudeFest on Saturday 27th of May in the Atak in Enschede, because here you see & meet: collegues, customers, models, bands, suppliers, artists, designers, friends and many more. We are thankful for every customer, every supplier, every collegue, every family member, every Attitude friend and more. That we can do this and have done all these years, because you have been loyal to us. Hope to keep doing this with love, passion and devotion.

For everybody with 100% Attitude Holland: Keep on rocking, keep on loving:)

On the 7th of April we celebrate our 19th birthday! Attitude is a puzzle, to which we continually add new pieces. The puzzle gets bigger and more beautiful as time goes on. The first piece was Rebecca and luckily Rob was the next piece:) That way Attitude was born 19 years ago. Since then a lot of pieces in all colours and sizes have been added. The main colour in the puzzle is black, we love black! Every customer, friend, collegue, supplier, family is a piece of the AttitudePuzzle. And if it is up to us, the puzzle is far from finished. Normally puzzle pieces have to fit in perfectly, but @Attitude it is "when you don't fit in, you fit in perfectly". The puzzle has no borders and no end, for now we will continue to add to this puzzle and we hope you will continue to join us on this journey. The highlight of the year for us is AttitudeFest, we hope to see you all on Saturday 2nd of June in the P3 in Purmerend (20 minutes north of Amsterdam). What is your favourite memory from 19 years of Attitude? Please feel free to share on our Facebook or Instagram page. Our inspiration is you, without you Attitude would be nothing , so cheers to all of us!

It's wonderful that we have been able to reach the 20-year milestone. This year the focus is on the AttitudeFamily. The AttitudeFamily is you and that is all of us. We are there for each other and listen to each other, that is why we want to know what you want to see from us this year. How can we be better and more beautiful to each other and become together, let us know. In the meantime, we have also shown the AttitudeFamily on screen, I am curious which AttitudeFamilyMember suits you best. Thank you for 20 years of love and loyalty.

21 years of AttitudeHolland today! 7th of April 2020. A ride with ups and downs, but with a lot of ups/fun/love. As for AttitudeHolland we have always experienced that there is a very thin line between: Succes & Failure Happines & bad fortune Good health & sickness Happy marriage/relation & split or divorce Lots of things in life, can go from one extreme to the other. Whats good today, can be less good tommorrow.

When people say, wow AttitudeHolland thats a succes-story, I always refer to the Thin Line. Success, Health, Happiness is not something you have now and therefore also for the rest of your life. It demands discipline-compassion-acceptance-love to keep it up, but even then it can go the other way. And when we or the business or the relationship are sick, its also a very thin line to bring it back to the good side as well. Attitude tries to accept, to be compassionate, to be loving, to be patient whatever the situation.

Personal I love the buzz that Attitude brings, but even more I love the quite zen moments we are experiencing now as well. When something is nice, there is always a counter part as we see now in the world. Ofcourse I feel humble and compassionate for the sick people, the nurses, the patients. We wish them strenght, health and acceptance.

Unfortuonately No AttitudeFest this year, but we are going to find other/better ways to connect with all of you. I guarantee. Acceptance, contentment, love, compassion are important values which we together embrace for the next 21 years and further as well!

Attitude, you and rest of the world will continue to be a fantastic place. Thank you for supporting us since 1999.

Hope, patience and a positive attitude are very important to us. With this mentality in our team we made things happen in 2021.

Even within the Attitude team we have plenty of different views on several subjects, but the basic foundation at Attitude is: No Judgement, Let Eachother Be, Compassion and Love ("If you judge people, you have no time to love them" - Mother Theresa). We are all perfect as we are, and by being different in whatever way (blue, green or no hair, against or in favour of something), we all together make this world an even more beautiful place to be.

2021 was another year in which suppliers helped us out beyond their means, they served us so well that Attitude Holland could shine more than ever before.

Logistically we have been tested as well this year, and have succeeded in a lot of ways. By constantly looking for changes and improvements we can make, we continue to serve our customers. When you grow and change as a business, you always want to protect your core values.

Because that is why we are here, why we run Attitude Holland. And again, when we look back on this year, we can be content with what was and what's there now. The love/warmth/welcome in the Attitude Family continues to stay. Because we have not participated in any offline events this year, we have missed the physical contact with our customers and friends. But we have made up for that by organizing Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative online, with a grand final during Halloween. The feedback we received from all participants during our live events on Youtube, was that a strong connection could be felt between all of us. We did not expect this to happen online, but we feel very touched/proud/happy/content by seeing people find each other via Attitude Events. A lot of customers/friends mentioned personal growth. Again it warms our hearts when we read and hear this, it makes being part of the Attitude Family even more rewarding.

Let's look forward as well. Reflecting on yourself and on a business is very important, but it is also very important to plan ahead and look into the future with hope and a positive attitude. For 2022 we have an Attitude App in the pipeline, which needs to be more than just a webshop-app. We want to integrate AttitudeForum as well, a place where you can win things, inspire others but also ask for help when you need it.

Of course, we are also planning to bring lots more creative crazy products, and new Dye With Attitude Hairdye colours.

But most importantly we wish to keep connecting with each other online and offline. You and we are not alone, we are here for each other especially in 2022, you can count on us!

In 2022 we manifested a lot of innovations. Whilst continuing to do our work with love, fun and passion as well as we could.
How do we stay good and always become better as a company and as a family?
This is how we do it:
By being there for each other & being there for our customers & by just being and embracing the good and less good. Attitude is Gratitude, but also stay connected even when we disconnect, we simply reconnect again. It's important to realise that after disconnecting we can always be there for each other and reconnect again.
The Attitude Family exists out of colleagues, customers, suppliers and friends/partners in all colours and walks of life.

A brief summary of a few new things we have manifested this year:

To manifest is easier said than done. However we seem to be reasonable here at it at AttitudeHolland HQ. I think it's part of the fun as well, to stay creative to explore and to try out. It does not matter if you fail, please try and learn from it. Just do not give up.

So here is what we did with in 2023:

Attitude Holland 25 years

25 years of Attitude Holland this year! I feel privileged to have simply been here together with Rebecca and colleagues. It is almost strange realizing that Attitude Holland has become our lifes for the past 25 years. It's packed with so many fun things on and offline. It makes me happy, proud, content and grateful. To be able to work with customers who are like minded in a creative and loving way. In a way of maybe being different or daring to be different.

We want to celebrate this anniversary with a new concept: Attitude Hair Dye Cafe. A place where you can simply be, where you can consume or not consume, where you can dye or not dye your hair. I would love it if the alternative community comes by and be simply together. Of course it would be good for us if you buy a tea, homemade brownie or toastie or you buy some great rainbow colours hair dye. However what I like about Attitude for the last 25 years, that it is a place to be. Freedom in being is what strives for us all. I hope Attitude Hair Dye Cafe adds to our connection.

Thank you all for being with us, buying from us, helping us, letting each other be, creating a great community where you fit in fine especially when you mostly do not fit in.

Rob and Rebecca van Berkel

Everybody @Attitude Holland loves you.
Rob en Rebecca van Berkel

People who dare to be different, make this world an even more beautyful place.

Attitude Holland & Care4BrittleBones.org

Rob en Rebecca are both ambassadors for Care4BrittleBones.org.
This foundation helps people with the disease O.I. (Osteogenesis Imperfecta).
1 out of 15.000 people has this disease, it's a connection-tissue disease which expresses itself also via the bones, that's why its also called BrittleBones.
Attitude Holland donates 100% of its revenu which has been raised by the Black Market towards this foundation.
Black Market is a market full of Attitude items, with maybe a very small defect. Thats why we sell these items for rock-bottem prices at the AttitudeHolland HQ.