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Attitude Holland 2020


New Year, New chances. Above all, we want to improve for our customers and for each other. AttitudeFest 6-6-2020 is in the making.


The Attitude Hair Dye product concept begins to take shape as the seed is planted, it receives attention and energy. Will this plant grow nicely? We will see.


Exciting times are coming, Corona - is it our friend or foe? Anticipation is better than cure.
40% of our turnover is realized by a few key suppliers. These key suppliers are in lockdown because of Corona, and several more suppliers are also going into lockdown. We turn out to be very vulnerable. But as we often try to explain, success, love, health, relations and more are very thin lines. You can end up in the light from the dark side, but also vice versa.


Above all, let's make Attitude Holland very good, so that we can fall back a bit in difficult times. This is no time to dawdle or cling to old values ​​and habits, let's move like water, let's move with what is.
We are canceling AttitudeFest and all festivals for this year, even if it turns out that it may open again later. We choose 1 direction and that is to focus on the online customer experience.


Working from home is a fact and things are going quite well. Attitude also holds up well. Festivals are cancelled, it turns out to be a positive change for our logistics department. We get many new insights, which above all make Attitude better. Because hairdressing shops are closed during the lockdown, it suddenly appears that all of the Netherlands and Belgium dye their hair at home in the nicest Attitude colors. The loss of the major suppliers is seamlessly offset by this increasing demand for hair dyes from other brands. Attitude is an angel or has a lot of angels around it, because when things go wrong, it always turns into something good again very quickly.


It has been a difficult month, Attitude is performing poorly, it even seems to have started to decline. This is too early, we have to improve, is our vision. So work to be done. Internally we invent a lot of new systems, we need to learn to operate very lean and clean. Processes must be unified, customers especially want to see many new products and a good inspirational service. 


It continues to rumble, it is not going optimally. With Attitude you have 2 sides: 1 side is where we are in touch with our customers and show them who we are, what we do to connect with our customers. The other side is to serve them in the best possible way, when a customer decides to purchase from us or be with us. 
But also we find that our innovation is taking shape, that we can take Attitude to the next level as we intended. Sooner or later this will work out for all of us, patience, positivity and persistence is key in these times!


Despite all the uncertainty, we have given attention to the seed Attitude Hair Dye in recent months. Our own hair dye, is born in a different time. Attitude Hair Dye has got off to an absolutely flying start, thanks to great photo content and perfect texts and explanations. Not only in the Netherlands they love Dye With Attitude, but orders from all over Europe are coming in. We turned off Google and facebook ads in April, which resulted in huge cost savings. Now we are going to advertise again, because this child (Dye With Attitude) has to grow up, it has all the ingredients and pigments to be good for us.


The somewhat dubious months of June and July are now behind us. We are clearly on an upward trend, not only in terms of orders but also in quality. Customer service, logistics, purchasing, marketing, article management are all going better. We did not stop automating this year either, we continued to invest in ourselves, in improving Attitude, in improving the customer experience.
Working from home has partly become a standard for Attitude, which was born by Corona, but actually could have happened without Corona, it all contributes to improvement and progress.


What is not possible offline, we do online. Attitude TV was born, and we just keep the Miss Alternative pageant online, because that's where Attitude is especially strong. We are also going to give energy and attention to Attitude TV.
Because due to no festivals and events this year we felt a disconnection with our customers.
And when you disconnect in life, you have to reconnect again, it's important to all of us. So we have to replace our connection with online creativity together. We all matter to each other. 
 Persistence wins is our motto here. In the future we will do everything we can to ensure that our customers connect with each other.
 Halloween parties may not be there, but all of Europeen Halloween lovers know how to find Attitude Holland we discovered. It is just a great month for us, Attitude is grateful that we can just simply still be here with and for you in its current form.


AttitudeEvents is live, the wish that was expressed years ago has finally come true.
AttitudeHolland distinguishes itself as a webshop, by not just being a webshop. 
But a platform for the alternative lifestyle. We are preparing for the future, so that we can keep moving like water, if we are asked to.
Meetings nowadays take place online, which is actually a positive addition to what was there before. We speak more easily and more often with suppliers, partners and people who work from home. The team meetings and events have suffered from it up to now, but we will also work on that. In the end nothing is ever finished, Attitude is a process that we enjoy being and working on. Let's keep doing that together.


Looking back on this year, we close the last quarter with unprecedented activity. Logistics has had days when 500 orders are few and 1000 orders a day are quite a lot, but we always succeeded. Rarely did a customer have to wait because we could not process it. It would be if our suppliers could not deliver on time, but as soon as articles dare to enter the doors of the Attitude Warehouse, they were processed and shipped at the speed of light. In between, there is also an extensive lunch in the Attitude Christmas Cafe, as if we had all the time in the world. Sometimes you have to slow down, to get more work done.(it's true)
Hats off to our team, we help each other on all fronts. This is the power of being together and being there for each other. We think the Attitude team are this year's angels, making Attitude shine like never before.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year
Everybody @AttitudeHolland loves you!

Rob & Rebecca van Berkel