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Giveaways > Win Hair Dye With Your GREY/SILVER/WHITE Hair!

  • Which brand & colour are you wearing in your picture?
    I used the color Silver from the brand Directions.
    I used this product because in my 5 years experience of dying my hair this product really stayed for a couple months before fading and I’m always pleased with the outcome. :)
  • How does this hair colour make you feel?
    Yeah it looked so pretty i felt like the hottest granny on the block haha
  • How was your hair before you applied the colour (ie pre-bleached, growing out old colour, etc)?
    It was grey before the silver so it was a spimple switch
  • What is your favourite hair dye brand and what is so great about it?
    Directions because i used it for a while and it always a great outcome
  • Your no.1 advice for dyeing your own hair is:
    Don’t use a percentage of bleach your head can’t take
  • Which Attitude Hair Colour would you like to win?
    Directions or arctic fox
  • Your instagram name (so we can tag you)?
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