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Face of Attitude > The Fearsome Final + October's Challenge: Halloween Costumes

  • Tell us something about your costume!
    I am kind of obsessed with plague doctors, I even got one tattooed on my arm. So I made myself into one!

    These scary looking creatures did really exist in the 17th century. Although they looked a bit different then the iconic plague docter image we know today and they were not that wide spread. Their beaks were made so they could fit herbs and oils inside. That way they could not breath in the bad smell's of the plague as they thought it made them sick. They were trying to heal the victims of the plague but as antibiotics hadn't invented yet, a lot of people died. The plague had Europe for hundred's of years in it's grip and then vanished. Although their have still been outbreaks in the world as recent as 2017 on Madagascar. Our furry rat friends have long been held accountable for the outbreaks but recent studies have shown that they were not all to blame. Most infections came though fleas on humans!

    I made the mask myself, out of real leather, as well as the belt and the dress underneath. The rest are pieces out of my closed and some house decoration. My inspiration was my plague docter tattoo I've got on my arm. This tattoo also got three of my mice on it so I thought it would be fitting to let them also shine in a video. And ofcourse a docter needs a patient so I made by boyfriend into my plague victim with SFX make-up.
  • Why do you deserve to be Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative 2022?
    I really did my best to enter every single month with the best I've got! I really enjoyed entering the competition and making ever single one of my entries. I was really be able to use my creativity and skills in these challenges, making photo's, video's, costume's, make-up, props and thinking of storylines. I even got into a completely different hobby of videomaking in the process. I hope people can see that and be inspired to start new hobby's themselves!
    Being invited to the previous finals challenges was really cool, and now ofcourse I would love to be crowned Miss Attitude!
  • Are you available on October 26th, 20:00 CET to join the livestream?
    Yes! I will
October 18, 2022   20:49   (edited)
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