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  • What hair color do you use most often? Why?
    Since I first dyed my hair, I've always used burgundy red and black. It's been my signature style and is very easy to maintain without visiting a salon. It also really suits my face since darker colors compliment it better:)
  • Are there colors/styles you want to try out but haven’t? What’s holding you back?
    I've thought about some styles before but I've been hesitant to try anything because it would be difficult to self maintain. I unfortunately can't afford to visit a salon more than a couple of times a year so I have to be able to do it myself.
    Some ideas that I've thought about have been black and white split dye, 90s pink chunky highlights and a different variation of the black/red combo.
  • Apart from dyeing your hair, what things could you do with leftover hair dye?
    It's actually pretty good to use as canvas paint instead of oils or acrylics, or mix it with your existing paints. I personally save it until I restock my hairdye to mix it with the new ones.
  • What’s your Instagram? (so we can tag you when you win!)
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