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Giveaways > Win Hair Dye With Your PURPLE Hair!

  • Which brand & colour are you wearing in your picture?
    In this pic I'm showing off my half platinum and half purple style: I used Lunar Tides Semi permanent hair dye in shade Smokey Mauve Purple. I really love this split style 'cause it fully represents me, and shows my two personalities: a punk/rock one that never leaves me from high school and a more natural one.
  • How does this hair colour make you feel?
    With this hair color I feel myself, free to express my interiority to the fullest.
  • How was your hair before you applied the colour (ie pre-bleached, growing out old colour, etc)?
    Pre-bleached 'cause I'm a natural ash blonde girl.
  • What is your favourite hair dye brand and what is so great about it?
    Absolutely my favorite brand is Lunar Tides, the tint leaves the hair of an absolute softness, super fragrant and does not damage the hair!
  • Your no.1 advice for dyeing your own hair is:
    If you want to create a split look like mine, I recommend you divide your hair perfectly in the center of the head, using a long-tailed comb, and then create sections and start applying the color from the bottom, starting from the skin and then proceed with lengths, so for all sections!
  • Which Attitude Hair Colour would you like to win?
    Lunar Tides Semi permanent hair dye Smokey Mauve Purple
  • Your instagram name (so we can tag you)?
    https://www.instagram.com/night.of.hurricane/?hl=it and https://www.instagram.com/alessia.pecchioni/?hl=it
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