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Giveaways > Win Hair Dye With Your PURPLE Hair!

  • Which brand & colour are you wearing in your picture?
    My hairdresser helped me get rid of some very stubborn blue hair with La Riche Directions Plum on the roots and Carnation Pink on the ends to create this beautiful purple color
  • How does this hair colour make you feel?
    I feel edgy with this color, I can match my makeup with this hair very easily and it makes me feel pretty! But I'm also ashamed that my hairdresser had to go through the pain of removing my blue hair for the second time.
  • How was your hair before you applied the colour (ie pre-bleached, growing out old colour, etc)?
    Stubbornly blue :-) Past-me did that, I don't know her
  • What is your favourite hair dye brand and what is so great about it?
    I think La Riche has some beautiful colors and the fact that my hairdresser uses it too gives me the feeling that it's legit! It always looks good on me and the color isn't hard to maintain for me
  • Your no.1 advice for dyeing your own hair is:
    Be patient if you're going for colored hair. Don't bleach it too much, don't tone it immediately after, irs not worth it. Listen to your inner Brad Mondo
  • Which Attitude Hair Colour would you like to win?
  • Your instagram name (so we can tag you)?
March 30, 2021   20:17   (edited)
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