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Inzending van Molla la Donna

  • Which colour and brand are you wearing in your picture, and why?
    Arctic fox purple rain and Directions flamingo pink cerise and plum. I mixed 5 different tones from those and did "highlights". The only reason I used these was the fact that I had them on my shelf when the Inspiration hit me :D I wanted to add turquoise but I didn't have that in the time
  • Does this hair colour give you a certain feeling/mood/attitude?
    Yes! This is my spring look. I needed something bright after the winter and this gives me energy
  • How was your hair before you applied the colour (ie pre-bleached, growing out old colour, etc)?
    I had faded purple-pink-yellow ombre so I only pre-bleached the yellow part
  • How often do you bleach your hair?
    Only when I want really bright color
  • What is your favourite hair dye brand and what is so great about it?
    I have tried many brands and I'm not loyal to one. To me the most important thing is the tones. In the moment Arctic fox has my favorite purple tone and Directions has good scale of pinks, but I'm really looking forward to test out the Attitude dyes, because the purple in there seems fabulous!
  • Do you have any tips & tricks to share?
    Did you know that you can wash out folio and save it for later? I often use folio to separate the different tones but I don't want to do extra waste, so I always wash those and use them again
  • Which Attitude Hair Dye would you like to win?
    Playful purple
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